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Windows Reseller License

Things to check before getting windows reseller license

When you dream of starting a business, you will get confused about many ideas that come into your mind. There are a lot of firms online to start a new business. Nowadays, many people make money in online marketing. But you may lack in starting a new business because of lack of money to invest. One of the firms that gains you more profit with meagre investment is windows reseller license. Yes, web host reselling is a trending business where you need minimal knowledge about the hosting and software but can run a successful business.

Windows Reseller License

Reseller Web Host

Reseller Web Hosting is nothing but a process of purchasing a certain amount of disc storage, host, bandwidth from a parent company and reselling it by disbursing it to several slots to clients according to their needs.

In simple words, you can use some resources for your server from a web host and resell the remaining parts to other clients.

Though windows reseller license is an accessible business, we can’t start it quickly. It needs in-depth research to start. Having sound knowledge will help you to select the best web host company. Before selling it to your clients, you have to know what you exactly need for your website.

Not every company gives you whatever you need for your website. You should have a checklist of what you exactly need from a hosting company. Here are some of the essential things to add to your list while buying a windows reseller license.

  • Uptime: Checking the Uptime report is much more critical. Make sure that the company provides you 99.5% and above Uptime for higher productivity. Check whether they give the Uptime they guarantee and also enquire what they will do when it goes down.
  • Renewal Process: Since many of you are starting with low investment, make sure it meets your budget. Check whether the renewal prices are affordable, reasonable and also learn about the process of renewal.
  • Limitations: Check the plans entirely, and the boundaries so, that you will be clear about what to do and what not to avoid suspension of your account.
  • Backup: Backup is essential for every web developer. Check the frequency level of the website backup.
  • Web hosting plans: Ensure that the plan you choose will serve all your needs and your client needs. And it will benefit you for the long term.
  • Refund: Ensure if they have a refund or money back policy so when you are not satisfied, you can be stress-free about the money you invested. The cashback should usually be within 30 days.
  • Support: Make sure you get 24/7 customer support all over the year from the hosting company before purchasing. It is necessary to serve our clients with excellent customer support to avoid negligence.
  • Global wide Server location: Setting up a server location within a particular distance will not get you more audience. So, it is best to set up your server location globally to attract more clients and expand your business.
  • White label branding: Check whether the company supports your white label branding so that you can make your logo, brand and use it to sell to your clients. Because most of the members prefer direct dealing with the host company instead of third-party business. Hence the white label branding will allow you to brand your company to your clients.
  • cPanel reseller license: Make sure they provide you cPanel license as the Linux reseller hosting comes with cPanel/WHM (Web Host Manager). It also comprises unlimited host domains, free unrestricted SSL certificate, free domain reseller account, SSD disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited MySQL databases and unlimited email accounts.
  • Windows reseller license: In windows reseller plans, it comes with a Plesk control panel. To make use of the windows panel, make sure they provide you with a proper windows reseller license. Other features consist of unlimited bandwidth, unlimited MySQL and MSSQL databases, unlimited host domains, SSD disk space, unlimited email addresses and free domain reseller account.
  • Enough Disc Space: You should always think about the disk capacity or disk space while you are all set to choose any reseller hosting package.


One of the best companies which satisfy all the checklist is the nuSec company. nuSec reseller is emerging as one of the best windows reseller license companies based on its performance, security, reliability, and recovery for web cloud and SaaS applications.