SSL+ Bundles Next Gen Products to Protect Websites Unlike Ever Before

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Why Partner with NuSEC?

Earn More while Reducing Costs

Automatically provide reseller hosting and products to your customers at no cost to them or you. Proven to increase to a paid conversion by 15%. Deliver the additional products and services to help monetize the customers you spent to acquire.

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Integrated Security Built-in

Stop advanced attacks at the edge including DDoS, SQL Injection and Cross-Site Scripting. Paired with automatic virtual patching, vulnerability scanning, malware scanning, and WAF native cloud firewall provides robust security built in.

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White Label Everything

Custom brand the experience from end to end, using your brand, colors, look and feel as well as your own domains for a DNS and CDN service.

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Dramatically Reduce Latency

Serverless edge cache retention which is close to the end user, providing both fast time-to-first-byte and quicker throughput for larger file downloads such as videos or software updates.

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Partnering with Us Gives You the Edge

Build profit for your business by
reselling our next-gen products.

Upsell to your customers products that are faster, smarter and more secure.
Collect more income for your business without having to worry about innovation.

Protect customers’ websites and servers from evolving threats with our integrated security on our edge serverless platform.

Speed up web performance, mobile deliverability and ensure uptime availability to end customers.

Expand your customer offerings by using our global edge serverless platform giving you a wide range of new products.

Profit more with our products than any standard commission plan.

Provide your customers with the right domain name, fueled by NuSEC hosting, reliability, security and performance.

Get your customers online with their new domain on the bigger and better, global cloud serverless platform.

Nurture your customer relationships and rebrand NuSEC entirely to serve your customers the best experience.

Accelerate online apps and website performance, improve mobile loading speeds and ensure uptime.

Identify malware, provide the tools and methods to remove it, and prevent future malware attacks.

User error, natural disasters, malicious employees, and cyber attacks can all threaten website data.

See how much money you can make with the nusec reseller program

Ready for Triple Digit Growth?

Start reselling the latest products from your business.

Decide your own prices and margins to earn.

Automatically provide reseller hosting and products to your customers. Our products allow you to profit by reselling them to your customers and prospective leads.

Focus on reselling and let us engineer the technologies.

It’s expensive to maintain, grow, and develop any product especially at the rate technologies evolve. Wash your hands of product features, releases and APIs. Go resell while we engineer the latest and greatest products for your business.

White-label the products and even a support team for your customers.

Custom brand the experience from end to end, using your brand, colors, look and feel as well as your own domains for a DNS and CDN service. You can even get a dedicated 24hr NOC support team for your customers with your brand white-labeled.

Who Needs NuSEC?

Anyone who works online needs to start at the edge.

Get the performance, security and website essentials to make your online experiences work at optimal conditions.

Need a website? Let’s get you started with a domain and hosting.

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Already selling web hosting or web products? Start making more money.

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Do you offer expert services? Give your customers the edge and get paid.

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Growing but cannot scale? We built NuSEC with enterprise capabilties.

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Conversions dropping from terrible page load speeds or buffering? We can help!

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Make the apps and websites for the internet users faster and smarter.

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What is EDR?

EDR is an enterprise-level cybersecurity company providing 24/7/365, monitored security, risk management, and cyber liability protection for companies worldwide.