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Domain Reseller

Domain reseller business- How to Boost

It goes without saying that a domain reseller is one of the best ways to make extra money. You don’t need to know everything about web hosting, and neither do you need any technical training regarding reseller web hosting to get on with it. All of the backend things, like the technicalities, as well as the server management tasks, will be tackled by the web hosting provider. You will never have to worry about the issues that your customers face; everything will be handled by your web hosting provider. All you need to do is concentrate on your job, and you are good to go.

If you didn’t know already, reseller hosting lets you sell domains! This means that you can become a domain name reseller too!

Domain Reseller

Who is a domain reseller?

In simple terms, a domain reseller is someone or a company that purchases domains from another reseller organization and then sells it to other customers at a suitable price. And the last person or entity selling it to a third party is called a reseller web hosting. The buyers are mostly those who would like to have a website of their own but don’t have the money to buy a website domain; these are the people who then approach domain registration resellers. Resellers then help their customers to find an alternative domain name and also avail of a domain name that they want. Also, to set up a reseller web hosting business, one will need minimal operation costs.

Domain reseller – How to be a Profitable Reseller

As per the market value, becoming a domain reseller is one of the best options you have got because of the swift growth of web services. Many users want to create their online presence, and hence, domain name reseller becomes one of the most profitable business in the current scenario. It is not difficult to sell web services and domains. To get started, you will be given a few reseller plans, and you need to choose from one of them. Then sign-up and begin with your reseller accounts and get on with your business.

Domain reseller - Tips to boost reseller business

Set some attractive pricing

If you want to attract more customers to your domain reseller, then pay attention to your hosting reseller plans. Having said that, choose a reseller plan for yourself that promises to offer lucrative discounts as well. In case the domain registrar charges you exorbitantly, you will, unfortunately, end up selling your domains at more price as well. There are certain things that will let you select the best reseller plan to offer the best reseller price to your customers. Some of these factors are- choose the best price when you buy the domain, think about your prospective customers that will buy your plan, and what price will give you the maximum profit.

Always display promos and offers

You know that you are always attracted to offers and deals, the same can be said about your customers too. If you want to increase your reseller domain sale, then think about displaying discounts of your various packages so that buyers feel prompted to shop from you. You can think about launching discount schemes, particularly during the holiday season, so that those interested in buying domains from you buy it without any fail. Encourage your prospective customers to purchase domains from you.

Value-added benefits as well as robust features

Think about additional benefits that your customers will like. Your customers need a reason to do business with you, even if they are looking for affordable options. You can think about providing customer support. Generally, customers go with those who offer on-site support. To make sure that your company is giving a good and better user experience, you should provide a dedicated customer support team. The main reason for having this value-added feature is not to let your customers go to your competitors and choose you only. To give a one-stop solution to all customers, you can think about offering value-added benefits.

Think about customer satisfaction

Your customers will do business and would like to stay with you only if you keep them happy. And customer satisfaction plays a critical role in increasing business and so on. Make sure that you offer top-notch service in terms of plans, offers, and overall customer support. Not just this, you can also ask for customers’ feedback as well to know-how as a business you can improve. Feedback always helps you to acquire new customers and maintain a good relationship with the current ones.


Domain reseller as a business is not difficult to start, and all you need to do is find a renowned and reliable domain registrar. Also, to get into the reseller domain business, you don’t need to have a thorough technical knowledge of domain reselling.