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Web Hosting Reseller Software

Features to look out for in a web hosting reseller software:

Having a private server is quite costly for most businesses and so most businesses prefer shared hosting. In shared hosting, the business or start-up rents out a small space on someone else’s server. Now the concept of reseller hosting is somewhat different as compared to shared hosting. Web hosting reseller software is primarily designed for resellers, but there are many benefits that a business can get out of reseller hosting as compared to a shared one. Firstly you get the option to host multiple sites on a single panel efficiently. It also offers enhanced overall performance and many other features if you do choose a reseller hosting plan from a decent service provider. Based on this, let's discuss more about this in detail.

Here are some of the benefits that a web hosting reseller software has to offer:

Web Hosting Reseller Software

Hosting space and standard features:

Contingent upon the reseller hosting plan that you decide to utilize, you can hope to go anywhere from 25GB to 500GB of server space when you utilize a reseller hosting plan. The huge server space is likewise matched with adequate month to month data transfer bandwidth, which implies you can run numerous sites and handle an enormous number of traffic without compromising over both.

You, likewise, get support for boundless domain names. You can either set up a record for every domain or make a huge hosting bundle under the reseller plan to have the hosting of all your domains. The previous is increasingly productive since you would then be able to have various managers for various domains. You are fundamental regarding every site as a customer from the reseller hosting administrator board.

Email accounts, FTP records, and MySQL databases are additionally among the essential benefits to expect, like when you utilize a shared web hosting package or software. These features are basic, particularly on the off chance that you utilize well known CMS software to have your site and manage the content. WordPress, for instance, needs in any event one MySQL database to run.

Backing for PHP typically comes as standard on the off chance that you decide to utilize a Linux-based web hosting reseller software. Some providers likewise offer support for Ruby on Rail and other software too. Besides that, you likewise get uptime surety. 99.9% uptime surety is the best one to search for, however, 99.5% is sufficient if the reseller web hosting is running on a single server.

Private name servers:

Another major benefit of using reseller hosting is that you can make use of your private nameservers. Instead of having the nameserver as, you can have it as . this way you can hide the hosting service that you are using thereby giving a professional touch to your websites.

This type of hosting also has advanced DNS management wherein you can manage your mail server. You can point emails from every domain name that you have to one server from the control panel of DNS. You can even allow different subdomains to point to different servers, domain forwarding, and other domain-related configurations.

WHM and control panel:

Mostly a reseller hosting software comes with a cPanel which can even be branded with your logo. There are custom themes available in the control panel of reseller web hosting. You can use this feature to resell hosting to others. There is an additional WHM control panel too available that allows organizing the client accounts. This makes everything automated and you can focus on building your business and providing customer support. WHM offers server monitoring tools, controlling client accounts, managing packages as per your needs.

Extra features to look out for:

With reseller web hosting plans you can get additional features such as domain reseller service that can be fully automated and integrated too. You get the benefit to sell domain names with over 70 ccTLDs and gTLDs to choose from. This can be done using the WHMCS by entering the correct API key associated with the domain reseller account that you have created. Apart from this, you get various freebies and bonus advertising credits too, including basic FAQ on web hosting marketing from top players in the hosting world.

But to avail of all these benefits, you must choose a good and reliable web reseller hosting service provider such as You can look out for various competitive reseller hosting plans that we provide to boost your business.