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cPanel reseller hosting

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A website to function correctly needs two significant factors, i.e., a domain and a web hosting. Different companies offer website hosting at different competent prices. But when it comes to getting the best services and maximum uptime, you should always go for the best hosting providers. Now, talking more about it, web hosting can be divided into three major categories. They have shared web hosting, dedicated web hosting, and cPanel reseller hosting. Here you will discuss reseller hosting. Here is a brief on cPanel reseller hosting

Understanding the meaning of cPanel reseller hosting

Talking about reseller hosting, it is a plan to let the users resell their web hosting services. In detail, a web host purchases bulk web hosting plans from a reputed hosting company. After the web host divides the plan into smaller plans to sell the users. Under this, the reseller can sell bandwidth as well as space from the rented dedicated servers.

cPanel Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is quite popular as it covers three major factors, i.e., reliability, flexibility, and affordability. Those who want to develop a website for the first time and are looking for an affordable host can go for cPanel reseller hosting. Now, let’s have a look at some of the crucial benefits of using such hosting.

How you can set cPanel reseller hosting

Benefits of using cPanel reseller hosting

1. Lower expenses and cost

Most of the reseller hosting plans are indeed available at many affordable prices. You can easily get a cheap reseller hosting online. The reason is the host account holders can be the individuals who want to open their own hosting business. The resellers market the services independently. However, some web hosting service providers guarantee a branding that enables customers to view the services on multiple pages. This service model is very simple, and most web hosting companies provide the resellers with all the required tools to go on.

2. Now extensive maintenance required

Instead of buying your own website servers for the company, a reselling model is quite similar to having a dedicated server. You will not find much difference. Besides, there is no need to worry about the issues that can arise due to complicated servers. The resellers, just like dedicated hosting providers, come equipped with an experienced technical support team that knows how to fix different types of web hosting issues. All the costs related to this come included in the package.

3. Maximum control

It lets you control the usage limit of the disk space. This, in turn, enables you to manage and control all the factors of your website. Besides, with this, you can acquire more disk space at a lower rate. The reseller hosting package comes with some additional features such as bandwidth limit, better control, SSL certificates, and more. You are free to manage it the way you want. However, to get maximum benefits, prefer to buy the best reseller hosting.

4. Generating income

In this service model, the reseller acts as a middleman. Sometimes, they get a certain commission when a new customer buys an account from the parent hosting company through the reseller. This way, resellers can earn money. Besides, if you are not using the space, then you can resell the space on the site to make money. This is a perfect option for companies that want to increase revenue.

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5. More features than the basic hosting plans

Even if you are buying a cheap reseller hosting, you will get all the features of a normal web hosting service. In fact, you also get some unique features. For example, bandwidth, disk space, custom DNS name servers, domain reseller account, IP addresses, and more. Besides, you will get the cPanel that can be customized with your own color scheme and logo. The users will get tools through which you can check the status of the MySQL and FTP. Remember that only a reputed and best reseller hosting comes with the cPanel feature.

6. Better reliability

Reliability is an issue with most of the service providers. But things are now changing. Now, the resellers are providing their customers with an adequate level of bandwidth and storage. On the other side, they always make sure that the host uptime is 99 percent.

However, while picking a hosting service provider, you need to consider two important factors. The cost of the services and the parent web hosting firm. The reason is the parent company handles all the technical elements. Besides, if you want to save money on your website hosting, then go for cPanel reseller hosting.