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CPanel hosting price

What is Cpanel?

Cpanel is a tool for managing hosted websites. It is offered by web hosting companies.  You get the Cpanel address form the hosting provider. It has a graphical interface that makes it easy for users to navigate. Cpanel invites users to take action. For instance, it allows the user to set up email accounts, install an application and create backups on your site. Cpanel comes with a fee. However, some hosting companies offer Cpanel for free. Hostgator and InMotion offer its clients panel for free. Cpanel licence can be purchased by a hosting company which in turn passes the cost to clients. Clients on dedicated server plans and VPS can be asked by hosting companies to offset the licence price on their own. 

CPanel Hosting Price

What determines Cpanel hosting price

Web hosting companies offer plans with different Cpanel prices. These plans have different features. The capacity of hosting accounts also determines the Cpanel price. A Cpanel that hosts more accounts is more expensive compared to the one which hosts fewer accounts.

This is because hosting many accounts means you using more space to store data. Another feature that determines the price is the uptime percentage. The higher uptime percentage guarantees users of a good and operation without failure. The minimum uptime percentage must be 99.95%. When you purchase Cpanel you must also consider the customer service team of the Cpanel provider.

A customer service which is available for its clients is worthwhile because it can act fast and be of assistance whenever the Cpanel host misbehaves. 

Cpanel prices

Cpanel company offers different price plans. The Solo plan costs $15 per month and it hosts one website. This plan is suitable for a personal site or small organisations or startups.  Admin plan costs $20 and it hosts 5 accounts. Admin plan is suitable for application developers, businesses and users who do not need a few accounts. Pro plan goes for $30 per month with a capacity of hosting 30 accounts. It is advantageous to grow companies and large companies as it allows scalability. The most expensive plan, Premier, costs $45 and it offers more than 100 accounts. This accommodates large web hosts, enterprises and data centres.

There are web reseller hosting companies that offer Cpanel. The following are the cheapest plans; web reseller hosting have different plans. These are:

  • BlueHost - cost $2.75 per month offering  50giga bytes disk space and 99.98% uptime. Customers who are not satisfied are guaranteed of their purchase money within 30 days.
  • HostGator - costs $2.75 with a money-back guarantee of 45 days. It offers an unlimited disk space and 99.99% uptime.
  • A2 Hosting costs $3.92 with unlimited disk space and you can claim your money anytime if you are not satisfied with their services. It has 99.95% uptime and 24/7 customer service. The disk space is unlimited.
  • SiteGround costs $3.95 with a money-back guarantee of 30 days. It has a 99.98% uptime and a 24/7 customer service. The disk space range from 10gigabytes to 960gigabytes.
  • HostPapa costs $3.95 and if you are not satisfied you are guaranteed of your money within 48 hours. It offers 100GB disk space. Users can call or have a live chat with the customer support team. It has a 99.97% uptime.
  • GoDaddy - the famous web reseller hosting has a least Cpanel package costing $4.99. The package comes with a 100GB storage suitable for one website. It has a 99.97% uptime.

Things that Cpanel hosting can do

  • You can manage sites and servers using the user-friendly graphical interface
  • It makes the users manage the hosted services
  • User can create an email account
  • You can install web applications using Cpanel
  • Users can create and configure file transfer protocol (FTP) accounts
  • You can create domains
  • You can manage and configure database