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Reseller Panel

Reseller Panel and Popular Web Hosting

When signing up for a reseller hosting account, one of the most vital features you need to look into is the control panel software. Web hosting reseller panel software is fundamental to the efficiency, profitability, and growth of your online business. It is a popular tool included in a reseller hosting package allowing you to easily manage your reseller hosting account. It allows you to manage and adjust virtually every facet of your hosting account in real-time.

You can manage your domain names, install applications, upload website files, create and manage email accounts, and a lot more things depending on your reseller hosting plan. Of course, you can do all this by directly logging in the server, but this requires development knowledge and one mistake, the whole site can be broken. Moreover, reseller web panels are intuitive and simple to use as well as save your valuable time.

Most reseller web hosting providers include apre-configured reseller plans within their hosting packages, but some providers give customers the option to choose their reseller program.

Keep reading to find out about popular reseller hosting control panels and find out the control reseller cpanel that is right for your online business.

Reseller Panels that are Popular

There are many reseller hosting control panels on the market today, each one with its benefits and features. Let’s take a look at them and the most important features these reseller panels have.


This reseller panel is available only for Linux and is a preferred choice for the control panel among many website owners. It is well known for its simple and user-friendly interface as well as is quite versatile, able to operate smoothly with an array of features. The cPanel reseller hosting account offers web hosting resellers the WHM (Web Host Manager) application which is used for account management.

The cPanel has various features, all of them located on one page which offers the convenience to access them without clicking on various menus to get where you need to. Additionally, all the features have a short description indicating what it can do. The main features the cPanel offers are domain name settings, registration, and transfer; email creation and management; visitor and error logs; database creation and management; IP blocker; leech protection; password protection directories; server performance monitoring; and file manager and FTP user creation. Extremely user-friendly and feature-rich, cPanel is an excellent control panel for your reseller web hosting account.


Available for both Linux and Windows web hosting servers, Plesk reseller panel offers web hosting resellers user-friendliness and flexibility. There are certain areas where Plesk outshines as compared to other reseller hosting control panels, for instance, clustering support. The Plesk interface is quite simple and intuitive allowing you to create everything in a few clicks. One of the distinctive features Plesk reseller panel has is the variety of automation tools, which save your time and resources so that you can focus on website development and not about server maintenance. Another feature is the 4 login levels such as Administrator, Client/Reseller, Domain Owner, and Mail User, offering different permissions and responsibilities.

Plesk looks quite similar to Windows XP, which is mainly why many reseller hosts choose to offer Plesk.

Direct Admin

Available for Linux and BSD systems, it is one of the easiest, fastest and most stable reseller panels. It has an intuitive and user-friendly interface plus it is one of the low-priced control panels as well. The options are categorized and located on the top and support multiple access levels like Administrator, User, and Reseller. Additionally, it has in-built anti-spam tools and many features such as DNS management, database creation and management, reseller account creation and management, backup creation, file management, and a lot more. This control panel is simple and very easy to use, you don’t have to be tech-savvy at all to understand and use it.


This web panel is available for all Unix, BSD, Linux, and Solaris systems. It is partially available for Windows as well. This means it is possible to install Webmin on Windows, but not all functions will be displayed. Webmin is highly customizable, for instance, it has an Apache web server to configure Apache directives and features. Webmin developers have done a remarkable job by creating several panels based on Webmin cPanel to match different purposes and hosting types. Usermin – web interface for setting up mail filters and password and managing emails. Cloudmin – the user interface for managing virtual servers, and Virtualmin – used to manage multiple virtual hosts.


These are some of the control reseller panels you can choose for your reseller hosting account. All of the above-mentioned panels have their pros and cons but have one common feature, that is, they make managing servers and hosting quick and easy. So, choose the reseller plans that suit your needs.