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Top 5 Domain Name Reseller Account Providers in 2020

Domain name resellers are often referred to as domain registration resellers and are referred to as domain registrar operators. The domain names are bought from the registrars on behalf of their clients. Who wants a website but finds it difficult to get a desirable domain name of their choice? Such clients often approach web design companies or domain registration resellers who look for specific alternate domain names and acquire a domain name of their client's choosing.

This process is known as a domain name reseller. The question, however, is to find the right domain name reseller account provider who can make a fair deal?

To answer this question, you will find here a list of all the best domain reseller providers. Go through each of them and weigh their advantages and disadvantages, then assess which domain reseller account company you are going to be with. The list of the top 5 domain name resellers, you can find here, they well knew and have a strong influence on this sector, too.

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Top Domain Name Reseller Account service providers:

1. NuSec

The first domain reseller company that we have for you is NuSec. This white-labeled reseller domain name provider offers an excellent price for their resellers. Plans are available at affordable prices. NuSec has two plans, one is pro and another one is a premium. Each plan includes unlimited domain Name and URL registration options. NuSec offers a fully white-labeled solution. You can customize the name servers to which your customers would like to point. It allows you to promote your brand and control your message to your new and existing customers.

You will get unlimited bandwidth with a lot of disk space. Along with this, you will also get state-of-the-art website security, providing a 24/7 365 days services. They offer global DNS, Domain registrar, DNSSEC, it also Increases the revenue earned per domain with the NuSec product, and increasing share of your customer's online presence spends and backup solutions.

2. HostGator

HostGator has been operating for more than a decade and is well known for its large number of servers and outstanding reliability. HostGator also offers unlimited client accounts, but you're eventually limited with disk space and bandwidth restrictions.

HostGator prohibits unauthorized hijacking or redistribution of the domain names. You maintain absolute power to access every domain for any purpose if you want to do so. HostGator has an easy control panel management system and auto domain renewal option in case the domain inadvertently expires due to accidental human error. The company provides customer support over 27/7 365 days and a free domain reseller account.

3. InMotion

InMotion offers a free domain reseller account with its all reseller hosting plans, so you’ve got an extra income option there should you need it. It has the highest number of plans, you can easily get started on the cheapest plan, and easily upgrade as required. InMotion also offers the longest money-back guarantee period of 90 days.


InMotion has excellent customer service, including a network for email and ticketing, and online chat and phone support 24/7. As a domain program reseller, if you have a problem with your account, chances are all your clients will have a problem with theirs, and you’ll want to get someone on the case ASAP.


4. HostPapa

One of the first hosting companies to power their data centres with renewable energy, it has over 500,000 websites, HostPapa is the epitome of low-cost, high-value provider plans backed for award-winning customer services.

HostPapa provides unlimited storage and bandwidth to their resellers. Includes 24/7/365 Live Support via Email, Phone, and Chat, Extensive Knowledge Base, Video Tutorials, and Personal Meetings with a support team. If budget is your primary concern, consider HostPapa.


5. GoDaddy

So, here’s our last pick for the reseller domain name service provider. GoDaddy reseller is the world's largest registrar of domain names and the pioneer in the domain name market. It boasts 17 million clients and 55+ million domains under management globally. GoDaddy provides the top-level domains (TLDs), both wide and country-specific, at a reasonable price. GoDaddy offers a wide variety of goods and services for its resellers to sell on their site. These include SEO and marketing services, web hosting, domain name sells and SSL certificates.

GoDaddy reseller services come 24/7, 365 days over the phone tech support for resellers and their sub-accounts. This is ideal for resellers who may don't have the time or technical experience to deal with a customer service issue. GoDaddy will provide white-labeled customer support.


These are the top five domain name reseller companies that are currently leading in the industry. If you want to choose a domain name reseller company that offers outstanding value for money plans and has excellent customer support, you can consider NuSec. To learn more about this domain reseller business, don't forget to visit their official site. They offer affordable packages and great features.