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Cheap Reseller Hosting

Guide to Cheap Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is in everyone’s mind, and many people think that reseller hosting can be done by everyone. Well, reseller hosting is not difficult, but not everyone can do business out of it, and that’s the harsh reality. You don’t need to be tech-savvy to understand everything, but you will need some basics, to begin with, and neither reseller hosting is an extremely easy business to jump in.

If you are reading this article, it tells that you are interested in cheap reseller hosting and trying to understand reseller hosting correctly. This proper cheap reseller hosting guide will explain everything that includes in a reseller hosting business.

You might already have an idea about reseller hosting. Simply put, it is a service that will let you offer hosting services to different customers without actually manufacturing web hosting services. The web hosting market is overcrowded now. Therefore, if you would like to start your cheap reseller hosting business and you are serious about it, it is crucial for you that you get everything in place.

Cheap Reseller Hosting

You are essentially buying a web reselling hosting service for a host, and you will be reselling it in the market for a price that you think will bring in a profit for your business. A reseller account is always cheaper because you get to host various reseller accounts, and you pay only for the service and space you take.

Reselling is actively being used, as well as sold mainly by web developers and design studios and to people who want to sell web hosting to other customers.

When you become a domain reseller, you then become their one-stop destination for multiple services. Along with offer reseller hosting, space, and bandwidth, you also get to offer different services, like an affiliate program after you become famous or you start to grow.

Top web hosting reseller plan you can try:

Top 4 Cheap Reseller Hosting Plans 2020


The first on our list is NuSEC. NuSEClets gives you a white-label space, where you get to use your brand, your logo, and your domain. NuSEC offers effective web hosting plans at an affordable price, and once you become their partner, they guarantee to be there for you 24x7.

You can create your pricing structure and sell your plans to your customers at a price that will give you continuous profits. You can also bundle up other services, for example, BackUp, Website Security, DNS, and more or even provide them as a stand-alone product.

To get started, you will first have to visit NuSEC site and explore their services. Review their contract and business terms. Choose a package and get started. They have an excellent support team that offers their support whenever you need it.

Dynamic Edge

Another hosting provider that is new in the industry is Dynamic Edge. They offer some of the best and innovative hosting solutions, and you can rely on them for their services. Hundreds of people have tried them and have found them very useful.

You will get a dedicated server, and you will also get access to a number of resources too. They have different packages to choose from that will suit your budget. You can charge a fixed price to your clients for the reseller web hosting bundle and eventually increase the rate as your business starts to grow.

Dynamic Edge has its dPanel software, and it is built from the very scratch. They have a dedicated team that keeps an eye on their dPanel software and ensures that it is in good condition.


The last option that we have for you is SiteGround. It is also a very popular web hosting reseller service provider. They promise to make your clients manage each site without any hassle, and their pricing is very affordable as well. The set-up process is easy and fast.

The hosting plans of SiteGround are designed, keeping in mind the resellers. You will get to create various sites and also get to manage them efficiently. Your clients will get white-label access to their sites. Along with all the SiteGround gives you promising customer support as well that you can count on.

Parting words

No matter what type of reseller hosting plan you choose, you should never forget that for your clients, you will be their website host. Think about the purpose of becoming a web hosting reseller company. Would you like to host your own company, or would you want to resell it to others? All of these things together will let you decide what you want and whether cheap reseller hosting is an ideal choice for you or not.