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A Handy Guide on Reseller Hosting

The best part about web hosting is that you can buy it for anything. Starting from small and medium-sized business to personal WordPress blogs, and even for creating a website for your enterprise. Along with that, if you wish, you can also buy server powers and run your own web hosting services as well.

This entire process is known as reseller hosting. However, the challenge is to find the best reseller hosting provider who can offer a good deal and is trustworthy. To answer this, here you will find all the best reseller hosting reviews, and go through each of them. Weigh their pros and cons, get to know about their features, and then decide which reseller hosting company should you go with. The list of reseller hosting companies that you will find here are all well-recognized, and they have a good hold over this industry as well.

Best Reseller Hosting Review

Top reseller hosting service providers:

1. NuSec

The first company that we have for you is NuSec. This reseller hosting provider offers an excellent price for their hosting plans. And the plans are the best value as well. You will get to enjoy a lot of high bandwidth with a lot of disk space. Along with this, you will also get state-of-the-art website security. They offer global CDN, hosting, DBS, and backup solutions.

If you face any difficulty in setting up, NuSec is right there at your service. The company will ensure that your website’s performance gets enhanced.

If you wish, you can use the remaining space of the bandwidth and sell it to as many clients of yours as you would like. Be your own boss and decide the reselling price, no question asked.

2. HostGator

The next reseller hosting is HostGator, another very popular and renowned reseller hosting company that provides multiple plans to suit your budget. The only challenge with HostGator is the limited disk space, along with limited bandwidth limits. This platform is idle for those who want to resell their space to new start-ups.

The company offers reliable customer support and a free domain reseller account. There are tons of packages to choose from as well, and everything at an affordable price. You will also get to enjoy many robust tools, and they are very flexible when it comes to hosting.

3. InMotion

If you are looking for the cheapest domain reseller hosting plans, you should get in touch with InMotion because they are known for providing value-added services. You are promised to get maximum disk space and bandwidths both. There are tons of hosting plans to select from along with a free domain reseller account.

InMotion has 24x7 customer support. If you face any difficulty while setting up your hosting account, or you have any questions, you can get in touch with InMotion whenever you want and get answers for your queries. The up-time performance of InMotion is impressive, and they have a lot of free backups for their customers as well.

4. HostPapa

Fourth in our list is HostPapa. HostPapa might not offer a lot of features like the rest three; still, the features they offer are quite reasonable according to the price they charge. If budget is your primary concern and you are looking for an affordable reseller hosting service provider, you can definitely consider HostPapa.

Just like any other hosting service provider, even HostPapa has a reliable customer support team, and you can get in touch with them via email. They also offer a 30-days money-back guarantee as well, which makes the packages great value for money deal.

5. GoDaddy

So, here’s our last pick for the reseller hosting service provider. Everyone is familiar with GoDaddy, and this company offers the best hosting service to each of its clients. GoDaddy lets you build your very own website, or else if you would like, you can buy space to sell it later to your customers and earn a profit.

In case you are looking for a host site that will let you manage and handle different traffic demands, for instance, e-commerce sites, GoDaddy will let you handle that easily.

You can use this platform to manage your email marketing, social media, and everything else all in one place. The hosting reseller also offers more than 20 themes. The site also claims that their customers will never face any downtime issue as well.


These are the top five reseller hosting companies that are currently leading in the industry. If you want to pick a hosting reseller company that offers extraordinary value for money plans and has excellent customer service, you can consider NuSec. Don’t forget to visit their official site to know more about this reseller hosting company. They offer affordable packages and great features.