Working with

Web Challenges

Complex Infrastructures
and Targeted Cyber-Attacks

Today your business requires a complete backup strategy that protects your data wherever it resides- on-premises or in the cloud.
Discover, monitor and control the movement of data across your network while staying compliant.

Equipment storing information can fail and require manual scheduling

Ransomware and threats to your data are everywhere and evolving

Encounter human error due to outdated training or lacking support

Web Solutions

Protect hybrid physical,
virtual, and SaaS environments
Why pay ransomware-
you have a backup copy

Don’t let cyber criminals hold you hostage with ransomware. Simply, eliminate the malware, delete the criminally encrypted files and restore a safe copy of your website.

Quickly Recover Data from
any device from anywhere

Get your website restored and running fast from physical appliances, virtual servers, offsite locations or the cloud.

Complex environments,
one website backup solution

'Set it and forget it' website solution with simple configuration and management. Wherever your data resides, in multiple locations, keep it protected.

Cloud Backup Benefits

NuSEC Website Backup
Website Recovery

Ensure your website gets recovered easily in case of zero-day attacks. Prepare your website for the worst in the event of critical failures.

Automated Backup

Scheduled or customized as per your business requirements to run on a daily, weekly, monthly basis and at the specified times.

White Label

Nurture your customer relationships and rebrand NuSEC entirely to serve your customers the best experience without any capx investment.

Global Edge Infrastructure

Points of Presence
  • Server Regions
  • Coming Soon
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