SSL+ Bundles Next Gen Products to Protect Websites Unlike Ever Before

Website Protection

Identify malware, provide the tools and methods to remove it, and prevent future malware attacks.

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Pricing $9.90/month $24.90/month
Domains secured 1 domain 1 domain
Webpages secured Unlimited webpages Unlimited webpages
SOC as a Service Included Included
Managed SIEM Included Included
Dedicated Analyst Included Included
Malware Removal Included Included
Content delivery network Included Included
DDoS Protection Included Included
Web Application Firewall Included Included
Managed Updates Every 12 hours Every 6 hours
Fine Grained Updates Included Included
BOT Protection Included Included
Web Scaping Protection Yes 50 Rules
Enterprise Control Yes No
Malware Detection Scan Every 12 hours Every 6 hours
OWASP Threat Protection Every 12 hours Every 6 hours
Brute Force Protection Included Included
Blacklist Monitoring Included Included
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