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White Label Nameservers

It is the name of the server owned by the reseller, without revealing the identity of the host they bought it from. In simple terms, their web page will only have information about the reseller’s account. It won’t have the name of the host on it. This is useful to protect the identity of the host company, so any random user will not know who the parent company is, just by looking at the DNS. Companies like NuSEC, CloudFlare, and Stackpath provide White Label Nameservers multiple benefits with their premium packages, including twenty-four-hour support personnel.

White Label Nameservers

Many cPanel reseller hosting companies are now available, using the newest technology like SSD for storage, which is the new better way of saving your site information. SSD is cloud-based storage, which not only will back up your website and server information in case of a blackout, it also ensures the safety of your server. It is a separate device that is attached to your computer that increases the space in your server, making your site fully optimal. It increases the speed by double the regular speed, which will increase your customer conversion. A cPanel WHM reseller hosting company also provides the liberty to create a default site for personal use that can be separate from the other sites for clients.

What are the advantages of being white-label nameservers:

  • It is one of the easiest ways to make some money on the side. Simply put, a white label reseller is a person, who licenses another person’s technology, then customizes it to match his brand, and resells to potential customers. With very little work, you are earning money.
  • It is a fairly new concept where businesses and other entrepreneurs are looking for resellers with a pre-made dashboard. The competition is still minimal at the moment, giving you an easy edge.
  • The only thing you’ll be investing in is your DNS. This is a business, which requires very little investment from you, but also giving you a steady income.
  • You don’t have to worry about rushing to the clients’ aid if there is an emergency. When there is a server issue, you simply call the support team of the web hosting company and they can solve it for you. Being a White label Nameserver doesn’t require you to know anything technical about servers and websites to work. With a basic knowledge and with the constant support from the web hosting company, anybody can become a White Label Nameserver.
  • It protects your other sites. A white label is when the IP address doesn’t contain the host’s name in it. This allows your branding to other people who use it. With WHM, you can safeguard your sites, where if one site is hacked or attacked, the chances of your other sites under your domain being attacked are low.
  • You are a middle man between your clients and the web hosting company, where you buy bulk white label plan from them, divide the bulk plan, and resell it to other clients, with little or no effort of your own.

About NuSEC:

It is one of the best reseller hosting companies, with its headquarters in New Jersey, US. It allows a VPN hosting comparison for partners who can compare the benefits provided by this SSD reseller hosting company, with its competitors like Akamai, Cloudflare, Incapsula, and Stackpath, to be informed about what is out there. Benefits include branding of your site, white labeling, and security, for enterprises and business owners. If you are a new business partner or an owner, you can always reach out to the professionals available any time you raise a query, and they can solve it for you. You can even request a demo to fully understand how it works. With NuSEC, you can be assured that the safety for your sites and the servers you sell to your clients are safe. Affiliated with well known and advanced companies like WordPress, WHMCS, HostPapa, cPanel, cWatch, Plesk, and Comodo, NuSEC has various advantages for you. With one of their packages, you are sure to have a faster loading speed for online apps and blogs, with assured protection for your information from attacks and hackers. They not only provide these benefits and more, but they come in various packages, with different rates, to suit your need and budget, with a detailed description of each package. All these packages include a free SSL certificate and unlimited websites and databases.