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Webhosting Reseller

Various myths and realities about Webhosting reseller

Hosting resellers may be a new term to many of the websites designing newbies and others. As they are new to this terminology, they will quickly fall on the prey for many mysterious facts revolving around web hosting resellers. Many of them may be well versed in designing and developing a website, but what about the next step? How to host the site to get the traffic and generate income? At this time, they will go for research about hosting a website and finally will get to know that they are some specific requirements such as space to keep your servers, technical staff to handle queries, the server maintenance, hardware, etc...,

Webhosting Reseller

Even after getting some idea about basic requirements, many of them think that buying a host needs high investment. But you can buy it for less cost. Webhosting Reseller helps you to start your business at an affordable price. Based on this, let's discuss more about Webhosting reseller in detail.

What is Webhosting Reseller?

Webhosting reseller is nothing but a process of buying all the space, bandwidth, servers or particular part of them for rent from the parent company and renting it to various customers by dividing it into small portions according to customers' needs. You can earn a decent amount from reselling the web host. Though it is clear to understand there are several myths about reseller hosting. Let us discuss the myths and realities that struck in the mind of many people.

Myths and realities about web hosting reseller

  • You need a great experience to build a website: The truth is you can manage the site without any prior experience. People who are starting their business from scratch can make use of hosting resellers as the industry tailored it completely and designed user-friendly. The little knowledge about the software and the hardware is all you need to start.
  • Making a hosting account is a bit tough: Reseller web hosting is the best way to start your business. Starting your web hosting company from scratch from buying equipment, developing infrastructure, hiring staff, can be costly and need a high investment. But with reseller hosting you no need to worry about the risk involved. The parent company will care for all the server management and fixing issues. You need to rent some portion based on the plan and resell it to your customers. You can even set your price and margin and generate profit.
  • You can't set your brand: It is entirely a myth. With the white label service, you can set your brand from the logo design, colour, shape and name. Everything can be yours, and the added advantage is that your customers will not get to know that you are just reselling a web host. So, they will consider you as an independent web hosting company.
  • Getting customer service support is not easy: Providing customer support, and technical support is vital for running a hosting reseller company. You need to make sure about the service and technical support before buying a plan as it is mandatory to provide excellent customer support to your clients.
  • Reseller companies get customers only at the early bird period: It is ultimately a myth as the demand for web hosting increases day by day. When you are providing proper and satisfying service to your customers, then your business as a hosting reseller will proliferate.
  • Unlimited means you can use an unlimited amount: You can't use the service unlimitedly in web hosting. The meaning of unlimited web hosting varies. The unlimited in this field mentions that you can use the service to the fullest until you reach the limit that is available at the backend of your plan.


So, when you plan to become a reseller, you have to get out of all the myths that struck in your mind and should develop basic knowledge to run the company successfully.

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