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Unmetered Reseller Hosting

What does unmetered reseller hosting truly mean?

In case you have a website that has started to grow significantly, you might then need unmetered reseller hosting. Everyone knows that when we cross the allocated bandwidth, the company that we have taken the service from will start charging extra, and that cost is not going to be easy on your pockets. So, if you think your website is growing, you can think about going for unlimited data transfer usage, or unmetered reseller hosting, where you will get unlimited bandwidth to use. 

If you have never heard about unmetered reseller hosting, then don’t worry, we will help you walk through this concept easily through this blog.

No matter what type of hosting company you are associated with, there are two ways to charge you for the bandwidth that you use. First on the basis of bandwidth used, and the second a flat fee for a certain amount of bandwidth decided by you and the service provider.

Unmetered Reseller Hosting

If you are being charged based on bandwidth usage, then that means that you are using a shared service, which means there are several other people using the same connection. The speed will split among the different servers. So, if you exceed your limit, it can hamper the speed of others using the same server. Shared services are always affordable, but you will have to pay penalties if you increase your limits.

So, the best connection to never face a challenge is going for an unmetered server, where you will be offered a dedicated connection. There will hardly be any downtime, and you will also get to enjoy improved security. Plus, there will be faster downloads also for the website.

Who needs the unmetered server?

Unmetered servers are best for those businesses that are now expanding and growing. As your website starts getting more visits, you will have to ensure that the website’s interaction with the customers is not getting hampered. Also, you will need more resource allocation as well.

If you are a startup or a company that develops apps to interact with different customers, unmetered servers are the best option for you. This way, you will always be prepared if there is a sudden increase in traffic that you didn’t expect to see. Connectivity is necessary, and to build the right reputation in the market, it is essential for you to go for a dependable solution.

Benefits of unmetered reseller hosting

The best part about unmetered reseller hosting is that it offers more freedom and flexibility for your website. You have unlimited bandwidth, and you can use it however you want to. You don’t need to worry about cutting back on eCommerce stores, apps, blogs, or anything else that is required by your business. You can also increase the functionality of your site and add as many features as you want when you have an unmetered server.

Also, unmetered reseller hosting lets you save a lot of money as well. No one likes to end up paying penalties and extra fees. Also, you would never want to lose traffic. Unmetered reseller hosting, that’s why it becomes the right option for you, which is quite affordable.

To make sure whether you can switch to a new plan, like unmetered reseller hosting, it is better to have a conversation with the service provider and talk to them. It depends on the service provider, whether they will allow you to upgrade your plan or not. If they tell you that it is possible, you will never have to worry about transferring to an unmetered reseller hosting plan. It’s a painless task for your service provider.

An upgrade is possible anytime, you just need to have a chat with the service provider, and they will upgrade your plan in a matter of seconds. If you think your business needs more bandwidth, we recommend you to opt for unmetered reseller hosting right away, and not wait for the site to go down.


Unmetered reseller hosting is the best option for every company and business, who are seeing a sudden increase in the traffic, and they require more bandwidth to take care of many other things on their website. Switching to unmetered reseller hosting will be an immediate solution for every issue that you are facing. Plus, unmetered reseller hosting is a good option when it comes to affordability. This way, you will never have to worry about your growing business’s needs.