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Top things to know about SSL certification

Many people often question why they should speak to an SSL dealer. Well, to answer that, let us ask you a few questions first. Do you think it is necessary to wear a seat belt while you are driving, or do you think people should consider wearing helmets seriously while they are riding their bikes? If you have nodded your head as a yes for an answer, then the same thing can be said about SSL certificates as well.

Whether you are a start-up, small-scale, or medium-size business, if your company has a website, then you need SSL, it is that simple. Don't consider SSL certification as a luxury, because it is not. It has become a sort of a necessity for everyone because it comes with many advantages.

Here are the top five benefits that you should know about SSL certification:

1. Protecting your data

When you go for SSL certification, you get to offer high-level security to every bit of communication that you do with your clients. Every information that you share with your clients gets encrypted. Simply put, it's a way to lock your conversation, and only the recipient has the key to unlock it. This way, your communication, and all the sensitive data remain safe. For example, passwords, IDs, bank details, credit card details, and more, everything stays secure.

SSL Dealer

Internet is overloaded with an army of hackers, with SSL, you will be able to be sure that each piece of information on your website remains 100% safe and secure.

2. Affirm your identity

The second advantage of having SSL is to get an identification detail for your website. There are tons and tons of sites that are waiting for you to visit them and click on certain links so that they can steal all your personal and banking details. Scammers are everywhere. But with SSL, your websites become authentic.

Because customers have also become very smart, having an SSL certification makes sense. After installing SSL certification, you will have to go through an extensive validation process, and that validation is done by Certificate Authority. The CA will then verify your website, as well as the organization. After you qualify, you will get a trust indicator on your website, which proves that your website can be trusted.

3. Better search engine ranks

Those who have installed SSL certification are considered to be reliable websites. Also, Google's algorithms are very stringent when it comes to giving the first rank to a certain website. Now, who doesn't want to be number one on Google Search Engine Result pages, right? This is where SSL comes into play. With SSL, your company's website will be trusted more, and will also receive more visibility.

4. Better customer trust

You need SSL certification, not just to prove that your website is authentic or trustable, but you also need it in terms of customers' trust point of view as well. Once you install SSL certification on your website, you will see a trust badge on your website, which will ensure the visitors that their data is secured, and it will not be shared with any third-parties. On top of that, having an SSL certification also means that their data is protected from internet hackers as well. SSL certification should definitely be obtained by an e-commerce website. E-commerce websites should, in general, be more serious about showing their customers that they can be trusted.

5. For PCI/DSS requirements

This is a requirement more than benefit actually, still, we think you should know about it. If you are into e-commerce, then your website will also require payment gateway as well to be able to receive payments from your customers. Your website has to be PCI compliant if you want to accept payments from your customers. PCI has also made it mandatory for every e-commerce business.


Speak to the best SSL dealer to make sure that you are installing the right SSL certification on your website. Make sure that your website is absolutely secure and safe to do business with. Customers want to be safe while they do any kind of transaction on a company's website, and they also want to be sure that their personal information is not being hacked or shared with any third-party. If you have a website, particularly, if you have an e-commerce site, you need SSL certification.