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Reseller Hosting Price


Nowadays, Website designing and hosting has become demanding as every company needs its website. Reseller web hosting became popular among entrepreneurs and small aid businesses. It is simply a process of providing hosting to their clients by renting the host, hard drive and bandwidth from other companies as if they are the owner of the hosting company. It is reselling some of the webspace to others. There are various sites providing reseller web hosting. But finding a trustworthy site is not easy. I included the best reseller hosting price and package available in the market. Have a look at it and decide which is your perfect one.

Reseller Hosting Price

Advantages of using reseller web hosting

  1. We can have the freedom and flexibility to work with our clients by providing them the required hosting service of our own.
  2. Reseller web hosting doesn’t cost much. It is always reliable and we don’t have to worry about the high cost.
  3. You can set your logo and brand in reselling. Your client can use your web host in your logo and brand.
  4. Reseller hosting helps in making more income. Since you are buying a wholesale web host and reselling it to individual customers, you make a profit with less investment.

Best reseller web hosting package

  1. NuSEC:

    This is the first and best hosting reseller company that gives you great offers and no long-term commitment to web hosting. They offer 100% white labels that promote your brand only. They also offer free hosting, no minimum commitment, no up-front costs to resell nuSec products. They are 100% Advert Free, Unlimited Bandwidth, 10GB Disk Space to all their retailers. It also has an option for monthly, annual and bi-annual billing services.

    They provide guaranteed 99.9% uptime and fast loading speeds along with built-in security. You can host up to 10 websites. They don’t get any upfront costs from you and it ensures no hidden fees. NuSec provides you CDN, DNS and built-in security stack for more security.

  2. HostGator:

    The second is the HostGator which is a trustworthy website that offers three packages aluminium, copper, and silver. Their plan starts from $29.95, $41.95, and $59.95. You can lock at this price for the first 36 months. They offer free WHMCS billing software for all clients. They also offer up to 80% off on transfers and registrations. It is named for unlimited reseller hosting. They give you Unlimited domains, Free SSL certificate, Private name servers, Email accounts, FTP accounts, MySQL accounts.

  3. Inmotion:

    It is the third reseller offering free SSDs, cPanel, and WHMCS to their clients. Their basic plan starts with 15 $ per month which includes 80GB disk space, 8gb bandwidth to top performance plan of 94 $ per month providing 8 GB ram, 260 GB disk space, 6 TB bandwidth. It helps to manage your domain by enabling unlimited eNom licenses. It is the best reseller host for cPanel/WHM, SSDs, VPS, Dedicated reseller accounts.

  4. A2 Hosting:

    A2 Hosting is one of the commonly and popularly used web hostings. It has four types of reseller hosting price packages bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. All packages offer free SSL and SSD and free enom reseller account. They also provide a 20 % turbo server to ensure that your client’s page loads 20% faster.

    Cost: 722Rs / month
    Cost: 1011Rs / month
    Cost: 1336Rs / month
    Cost: 2239Rs / month
    Storage: 30GB
    Storage: 75GB
    Storage: 150GB
    Storage: 200GB
    Transfer: 400GB
    Transfer: 600GB
    Transfer: 1000GB
    Transfer: 2000GB
  5. GoDaddy:

    GoDaddy is known by almost everyone. They offer two package basic and pro reseller packages. The basic package costs 48 Rs/ month which is suitable for clients up to 25 members and a pro package costs 949 Rs/ month suitable for unlimited users. They provide a 100% white label ecommerce storefront. The best thing about it is it provides excellent uptime and 24/7 customer service.


There are many more websites available in the market than I included. The above-reselling sites are best in both services and pricing. They are not only cheap, the mentioned sites even if they are slightly out of your budget, but they are also quite worth it. NuSec is the one that provides free hosting compared to others. Even though they are providing free hosting, they provide quality service with 24/7 customer service. If you are a beginner with no investment but looking for the best reselling site then it Is the thing for you. Go and grab it.