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Reseller Hosting Club

Is the reseller hosting club your idle choice?

There is no doubt that the reseller hosting club offers some really affordable plans when it comes to reseller hosting. These plans are, in particular, beneficial for the entrepreneurs who don't have enough money to spare to build a reseller hosting business from scratch. Plus, ResellerClub allows everyone and anyone to sign up for their packages.

The pros

  • Offers a huge range of competitively priced hosting services to their customers.
  • You can choose from CPanel and Plesk to a user-friendly control panel, depending on your current plan.
  • You will get the option of Windows or Linux.
Reseller Hosting Club

The cons

  • Unfortunately, ResellerClub doesn't provide a free domain name.
  • You will not get any complimentary backups, which you will easily get from its competitors.

Now, let's dig a bit more into who ResellerClub is and should you opt for this company for your hosting services or not. Basically, it is a company that is based in India, and they offer multiple reseller hosting services at a highly affordable price to its customers.

Currently, they are serving more than 200,000 customers and offer a whopping 5 million domain names. Endurance International Group owns the company. It's the same company that owns other popular reseller hosting companies like BlueHost, HostGator, and Constant Contact. If you are still not clear about what reseller hosting actually is, then let us clear the air for you. Through reseller hosting, you get to purchase reseller hosting packages from someone else and sell them as your own by applying your own price for each of the plans and earn more profit.

If you are thinking about starting a new hosting company, and you have a budget crunch, reseller hosting will be the perfect choice for you. Whether you are a start-up or already offering web-related services to your customers, you can think about providing hosting services to those who are looking for this service and earn more revenue. Become the one-stop destination for all your customers, and let them buy everything from you.

Let us tell you about ResellerClub now. It's a company based in India that offers inexpensive hosting services. Currently, they have their data centers in Austin, US, United Kingdom, Turkey, India, and Hong Kong.

To make sure that they are always there to assist their clients, they also offer 24x7 customer services, that too at a dirt-cheap price, which is another advantage.

Some of the standard hosting features you can expect from ResellerClub are:

  • Choice of different servers
  • You get a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • SSH accessM
  • One-click installs
  • Finally, Plesk control panel, or else cPanel.

ResellerClub is famous for offering more disk space or bandwidth to its customers; however, recently, the company has received significant issues pertaining to downtime.

The company offers a choice between Windows or Linux hosting. Here are some products they offer:

Shared hosting

Like any other reseller hosting company, even ResellerClub offer shared hosting plans. This package is available for both Linus and Windows.

If you go for a shared hosting plan, you will get unlimited email accounts, data transfer, as well as disk space. However, there is one catch. There are three plans, and the number of domains shared hosting can support will depend on the plan you choose. So, for example, if you go with Personal support, it will support only one domain. But if you want unlimited domains, better go with the Pro plan.

VPS Hosting

In case you need to sell VPS plans, you will find them right here at ResellerClub. They have Linux-based VPS plans. You will get two choices- 1) Ubuntu and 2) CentOS. The pricing for their VPS plans is pocket-friendly. However, the maximum resources that you can expect are- 8 GB RAM, 4 CPU cores, 240GB storage, and 3 TB bandwidth.

WordPress Hosting

ResellerClub sells WordPress Hosting packages as well. If you are a blogger, or you would like to create a website using the WordPress domain, you can choose from the many WordPress Hosting plans. The plans will vary in terms of the number of sites each plan can support, a maximum number of visits allowed, and also resource allocation.

Dedicated Servers

For those who are looking for a dedicated service, you can get one from ResellerClub. There is four option for you, and the cheapest option will cost you $63 per month. Dedicated servers should be based on the Core cores requirements and resource capacity, for example, dedicated IP address, disk space, bandwidth, and more.


What we can suggest is to visit the website of ResellerClub and compare its features with other reseller hosting companies like NuSec, HostGator, BlueHost, and others. Weigh the pros and cons, and then decide whether you should choose ResellerClub or not.