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Resale web

The resale web business is a great way to keep generating recurring profit for every month, along with growing your business. And the best part about the resale web hosting is that it is not as complicated as it looks like. So, what do you understand by resale web hosting, and should you do that? Will it help your business? We have prepared a guide for you that will help you know everything about the resale web and why you should try it too!

When you resale a web hosting, it means nothing but acting like running your own agency. You pretend as if you are the hosting provider, which in a way is the truth, the only difference is that the hosting company will be doing most of the job for you. This way, you get to decide the services that you would like to offer, and that will enable you to incur profits from it drastically.

Resale web with example

Resale web

Let us explain this with an example. Say, for example, there is a client who would like to build a website. So, what you are going to do is help them set up one. Now, the hosting plan that you have got costs nothing more than $12 a month, but what you are reselling it for is $40 a month. So, you sell it for more and earn a profit. Now isn’t that great? Everyone knows that there is a need for hosting services, and the demand is increasing day by day, that’s why this business is profitable.

Resale web and reseller web hosting business

As you can learn from the example, reselling web hosting has its own perks, and it is a never-ending business. If you start this business, you are promised to see your bank account increasing day by day if you have a good number of clients.

Along with profits, the reselling web hosting business can bring, there are many other added benefits that you can avail too. Once you decide that you would like to resell web hosting, the first thing that will come to your mind is partnering with a reliable hosting provider, of course. A hosting provider that you can completely trust.

When you partner with a well-managed WordPress host, you and your agency will be able to know what’s going on with your client’s sites quickly. Let’s say one of your clients calls you to do an update on the pages, you will be able to do that quickly and also be well-versed with web hosting and won’t fumble unless you are working with an unfamiliar web hosting panel. After having everyone in the same spot, your agency will not be wasting crucial time navigating; they will know exactly what to do and when.

If you are all set to start your agency, then reselling hosting could be the best option for you, plus, you will have more service to offer as well. Now let’s talk about the necessary steps to take that will enable you to start selling your resale web hosting plans without a single glitch.

Partnering with the best host

First things first, in order to resale the web, you will need a host that you can entirely rely on. You need someone who understands both the agency model as well as the reseller, along with letting you achieve the goals that as a business you want to. If your business is into selling SEO services, you know that you will need good speed. Else if you are hosting a very high-traffic site, then you will need a hosting partner that will let you help your clients effectively and scale up with time. No matter what type of clients you have, you need to have a reliable hosting partner.

Always set good margins

You should know your margins. Let’s say you are paying $10 per site; there should be good enough margin that will let you take back home some profit. But set achievable margins. Don’t charge too high; else, your customers will go to someone else. Think about the margins properly. The thumb rule is to think about setting a margin that will let you drive recurring revenue.

Planning for your services

Let’s say you are charging $40 for hosting, before your customers even think of visiting someone else, ensure to tell them the free add-ons they get for paying $40 a month. For example, the maintenance charge is free; your customers get 24x7 customer service and more. Let them have multiple add-ons for the price of one.

Always remember that when a client purchases your host, even though you are reseller web hosting, for them, you are their point of contact. Therefore, you need to have a sound support system for your clients as well. Choose a host for yourself that can give you excellent service so that you, in return, offer good service to your clients.

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