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How does Reseller Hosting Work?

If you didn't already know reseller means selling someone else's product in the market as your own with your own price. You don't need to worry about the running cost, or the development cost, you will be buying reseller hosting plans and start selling them to your client as your own. That's pretty much about how reseller hosting works in a simple language.

The best thing to expand your website-related services is to offer hosting services to your customers. This way, you get to make extra income and charge them something that will be profitable for your business. Whether you are an agency, a website developer, or a web designer, everyone can offer hosting services. You can get in touch with white label reseller hosting companies, but reseller hosting services from them, and sell that as your own on your website.

Most reseller hosting plans chip away at a standard discount basis. You join a dependable host, set up a reseller account to get to discount costs; you include your own marking whenever required and afterward exchange that web hosting at a markup. You can frequently set your own valuing and conditions and as long as you work inside the host's own terms. You would then be able to work as you see fit.

How Reseller Hosting Works

It may sound confusing; however, it isn't. Reliable web hosting service providers already have particular reseller packages available for businesses that are looking for reseller hosting plans. Many of these service providers come with WHM and CPanel. So, what you will need to do is create an account and get started with it.

It is then merely a question of registering another account, choosing the measure of disk space or data transfer capacity you need to allot, and afterward going from that point.

Some web hosts will charge month to month price just as a charge for the services. However, there are others who charge a pay-as-you-go basis and not a flat fee.

Here are some advantages of reseller hosting

Hosting services should be availed by web designers and web developers because your clients get to gain all of the web-related services from one platform. This way, they will never have to look out for other third-party service providers for hosting services.

White label

You get to buy someone else's hosting service, which is already packed with useful features, and then get to sell them to your clients as your own. This way, you will get to enhance your brand image and also offer them a one-stop solution for every web-related service.

You get to create your own hosting packages

One of the best parts about getting white label hosting services and selling the hosting service as your own is that you can set a charge which you think would be best and let you generate more revenue. You can think of the kind of products that you would like to include, like SSD hosting, WordPress hosting, and more. This way, you will have better chances to incur more profit.


With additional services, your brand will always be in the good books of your customers. You can begin small, and soon with the abundance of services you will get to offer; your business will start to grow as well. With no admin cost, you get to scale up efficiently and quickly.

You will get to access your client's websites easily

If you plan to offer web services to your valuable clients, you will never have to worry about sending them login details, in case, they forget their login credentials to their website. Nothing will be delayed. You will have easy access to your customers' accounts whenever you want to and help them with the password and other details that they need. This way, you will get to offer them on-par customer service. The result will be a better and improved relationship with your customers.


When you start looking for a reseller hosting company, make sure that you keep in mind a few things. For example, the reseller hosting company should promise you an uptime guarantee. You don't want your clients to face any downtime issue, that's why uptime should always be your first concern.

Go with a reseller hosting company that is always there for you 24x7. No matter when you would like their assistance, they should be there for you all the time. You never know what kind of issue your clients may face, you should offer them the best customer service, and you will be able to do that only then when your reseller hosting company has a reliable customer service team.