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How to choose the right web hosting provider?

If you see hosting sale, and you are wondering what you should consider before saying yes to any hosting reseller company, read this blog to find out everything about them. The best way to choose a web hosting company is to consider three S’s, which are speed, support, and finally, security.

Reseller hosting is a good business for people who are already offering web related services to their clients. This is an excellent way to increase your revenue, and you will never have to worry about setting it up, plus the company you will get associated with will offer full-time backend support as well.

Now, the most significant challenges arise when you have to pick the right plan, even if there is a hosting sale. Plus, each plan will differ in price, too, depending on the features you go for. For those who are a start-up, we recommend going for a virtual private server. This plan is affordable and will range from 10 dollars and can go up to 100 dollars. You will tell the service provider about the features you need, and accordingly, the price will be set.

Hosting Sale

So, before picking any reseller hosting company, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. Keep reading to find out what they are:

Customer service

Before making a choice, the first thing that you should pay utmost interest in is the kind of customer service the company provides. Will you get a ticket or email support, or will they offer phone support? Also, how about the turnaround time? You can think about getting 24x7 customer support as well.

For those who would not like to handle most of the tasks, and only want to concentrate on the revenue, for them, managed service is the best option. In this plan, the service provider will configure the system for you, will always keep a strict eye on the security of the system, and will always manage your backups as well.

Traffic to your website

If you know the estimated traffic you can expect on your site, it will help you pick the right bandwidth for your server. If you are new, and you are not expecting a lot of people to visit your site, then go for a low bandwidth plan; however, if you are established, and you are looking to expand your business, you can think about unlimited bandwidth.

Be honest to yourself, and analyze the bandwidth that you want and accordingly speak to the service provider. Also, some reseller hosting providers give you the option to upgrade your plan anytime you want. This could be beneficial for those who are seeing a sudden flow of traffic and would upgrade their current plan to an unlimited bandwidth plan. So, go with someone who would allow you to upgrade your plan without any issue.

Be mindful about unlimited offers

You have to ensure that you speak to the service provider about what they mean when they say they provide unlimited offers. Some companies will promise you to offer unlimited bandwidth at an affordable cost, but later you will realize that there is a lot of downtime issues with the server, and that will create a negative impact among your customers. Also, when they say unlimited, you should make sure to read the terms and conditions carefully to see if everything is legit.

Go with open source content management system

There are many reliable hosts; however, the time has changed now, and since there is a technological shift, you should go for a web hosting plan that is not locked. Go for an open-source content management system like WordPress. In fact, nowadays, businesses prefer WordPress over PHP because of the flexibility this content management tool offers.

Don’t forget to do regular updates, create a backup for your data, or choose a hosting reseller company, who will do all of these tasks for you, and let you be worry-free.

Personal domain name

Customers hate to type in long domain names on the search bar; also, it doesn’t create the right impression in the market, either. So, what you should do is get your own domain name for your business. It doesn’t matter if you are starting a website from scratch, talk to the service provider if they will help you with white label services that include the personal domain name as well.


Now that you know everything about how hosting resellers works, and how you should choose one, it’s time for you to do some research and find out the best one in the industry.