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Free SSL Reseller

There are several ways to generate a passive income such as affiliate marketing, web hosting reselling, etc. one such amazing way is to resell free SSL. SSL is a security layer used for websites that makes them secure to accept online payments and for browsing. It develops trust in the minds of the people who are visiting your website. If you are looking to provide an SSL certificate to other websites then you can choose to become a free SSL reseller. The role of an SSL reseller is to buy a package of reseller SSL and then sell it again to your clients with your branding. This way it seems like you have your very own SSL certificate company.

You need to set up your plans, pricing, and features once you buy out a reseller plan from any service provider. You can also provide your services to a particular niche of websites and users too that are looking for the type of service that you provide. Now the question arises, why would someone come to you and not directly to the main company from which you are buying an SSL certificate? The reason is that as a reseller you will get the SSL certificate at a much cheaper price than the certificate authority or direct seller. Nowadays, almost all websites prefer to have an SSL certificate and this is creating a huge demand for them across the globe. This has improved the scope of the SSL reselling business.

Free SSL Reseller

When choosing a reseller program for SSL some many websites and companies offer lucrative proposals that might make it difficult for you to decide which is the best. But there are a few things that will help you make the right choice. If you make the correct choices then you can make a great setup of SSL reselling.

Why opt for free SSL reselling business?

Some of the prime reasons why you would choose to resell SSL certificates are:

  • You want to set up multiple websites for your friends and family.
  • You want to add some new services to your business catalog.
  • You are looking to start a new venture of your own with low investment.
  • You want to get the best pricing for your regular SSL requirements.

Is free SSL reselling profitable?

Most of the big brands in the SSL certificate industry have started as SSL resellers. This proves that there is a huge scope and you can easily build a successful venture in SSL reselling. But the truth about the current situation is that there are lots of players in the SSL certificate market. This has led to fewer opportunities to create something big by entering with an SSL company. But still, there are chances that you can create a good strategy of revenue as it is an essential need for every website. With the boom of the internet, thousands of domains get registered daily and with the domain, there is a purchase of SSL certificate too. With proper marketing, you can make a good profit.

Risks associated with free SSL reseller business:

Just like any other business, SSL certificate reselling business is also not hassle-free. This is because you need to be available at any point in time to help out your customers and reply to their support queries. As you are a reseller, you do not have any direct control or influence on the certificate authorities and so you are dependent on them for the success and stability of your business. You can get a lot of issues while dealing with the problems associated with SSL validations and similar issues as your customers will expect you to fix them asap. You will need to stay organized for accounts, administration, and backups.

Pros and cons associated with SSL reselling business:


It is a quick and easy way to make some money without much investment and hard work.

It is a good way to start your SSL certificate business.

You can provide customized SSL certificate packages to other clients.


For all the support task you are only responsible and not the SSL reseller for the customers

Pricing can be determined by you for all the profit

The packages containing the white label are very expensive

The SSL partner program is allowing for selling the SSL certificates from the most trusted brands of the internet for the customers. Whether you are choosing for becoming the SSL reseller of the Affiliate. You are having the ability for selling and managing the account with the robust secure admin portal.