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The Ultimate free reseller hosting guide

Talking about the free reseller hosting, here you can offer superfast hosting services to multiple customers without developing the hosting services. All you need to buy the hosting services from a reliable hosting service provider and split it among your customers.  Here you also purchase cloud space and data transfer rate from the host and offer that to the clients. In fact, all most all the web has had such packages easily accessible for the clients.

Benefits of Free reseller hosting

Different studies have proved that reseller hosting works much faster than local web hosting. With this, a user can enjoy the following benefits.

Free Reseller Hosting

Superfast performance

The significant benefit of such hosting is, it greatly enhances the performance of an application as well as the website. The reason is, you will be using cloud platforms, and on the cloud platform, the load is appropriately distributed between multiple servers connected to a superfast network. Besides, there will be better resource availability. There is no need to depend on a physical server, for example shared hosting.

Better scalability

Free reseller hosting lets the users enjoy the instantaneous and easy up-gradation of RAM and CPU. That means, as a reseller hosting service provider, you can let your customers enjoy better scalability as and when the website traffic increases. This, in turn, will help you to develop a better customer relationship.

Better data security

With cloud hosting, you can provide your customers with effective data mirroring. That will keep their personal data safe. The data can be mirrored in multiple locations or drives. If one fails, then they can retrieve the data from another location. The users will enjoy hassle-free data recovery as well as backup. However, always prefer to choose the services from the best host service provider to enjoy the free reseller hosting with whmcs services.


You might be thinking that free reseller hosting with whmcs is quite expensive. But if you consider the features that such hosting offers, you will find the price is quite economical. The users here pay the fees for the resources they are using. Some hosting reseller providers offer managed reseller hosting.

Maximum stability

There is no doubt that reseller hosting is very reliable and has triple data redundancy. When purchased from the best hosting service providers, you can enjoy maximum uptime. That’s why the demand for such hosting is now increasing at a higher rate.

Amazing speed

With low density, cloud hosting effectively boosts the speed of the website along with the web simulators. The loading speed of the page plays an essential role in SEO, and you can make it possible with this. Give it a try, and you can witness the differences.

Free reseller hosting - What does it include?

  • Unlimited secure domain hosting.
  • Fantastic bandwidth.
  • Massive amount of disk space.
  • Tailored web hosting account management.
  • White label host branding.
  • cPanel for windows environment and WHM control panel for Linux environment.
  • Security tools and more.

Some useful tips in selecting a reliable free reseller hosting company

Better support

Before choosing a hosting company, you need to make sure that the hosting service provider is offering 24x7 hours of technical support. So that when an issue occurs, they can solve it instantly.

Consider the uptime

Uptime plays a significant role in choosing a hosting service provider. Choose a company that offers a 99 percent uptime rate. Besides, you also need to consider what happens if the service goes down and what are the procedures that you need to follow to resolve the issues.


You cannot simply calculate how many numbers of clients you will get after two years. That’s why it is crucial for you to choose a web host who can offer you better scalability features.

Money-back guarantee

Make sure the service provider has a money-back policy. So, later if you don’t like the services due to some reason, you can get back your money.

Server location

Do you want to host the website near to the clients? Well, that’s a great idea. But this can affect your client base. So, prefer to host from different locations throughout the world. This will help you can serve a greater number of clients from different locations.

These are some of the significant pointers that you should keep in your mind while choosing the best reseller hosting company to start your reseller hosting business. Besides, select the type of hosting that you will sell to your customers, and you are ready to start your own business.