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Domain name reseller

Are you confused in between whether to buy a domain name from a domain name reseller or domain provider? Are you hearing this word for the first time? If yes, before selecting the best option, it is quite important for you to have some basic knowledge about this. So, in this article, we will cover some basic yet important information about domain resellers and why one should prefer to buy a domain name from a domain reseller. So, let’s get started with this.

With the growth of the industry, there are various options for business are emerging.

On the other side, the world wide web and the number of websites are also increasing. With this, the domain name has emerged as a vital commodity. This has enabled that particular industry to create many business opportunities for people. People are now becoming domain resellers and making decent profits.

Domain Name Reseller

What do you mean by domain name reseller?

In general, a domain name reseller is a third-part that purchases domains from a best domain name provider and then sell the domains to the customers. They also purchase the domains on behalf of their clients who want a website but can’t find a better domain name. The domain resellers get a particular percentage as a commission form the domain provider. The users will get all the features that they generally receive when they buy a domain directly from a domain provider. 

Benefits of buying a domain from a domain name reseller

Well, it is true that most people don’t know about the domain vendor options when it comes to buying a domain to start their website. Here, it may be noted that one can buy a domain directly from the domain provider or from domain resellers of a domain provider company. The domain resellers here may host your company along with the software vendor as well as a hardware vendor. 

So, if you are planning to buy a domain, then it will be better for you to buy it from the best domain reseller instead of buying it from a registrar. Looking for some reasons? Have a look at the below-mentioned points. 

1. Cost- a vital factor

Price is an important factor that always taken into consideration while deciding on where you should buy the domain name. It is true that most of the registrars offer the domains at a higher price. But when you buy the domains from a reseller, you can find the cost comparatively lower.

Domain resellers are committed to selling a particular number of domains brought from the domain registrar. That’s why they sell the domain at a lower price. So, as a buyer, if you want to save money while buying a domain, then prefer to buy it from a reseller. You can even buy a popular domain name at a lower price.

2. Extensive support covering DNS management

A reliable domain name reseller offers personalized tech supports to the buyers. That means if you face an issue to configure your domain name, you can easily get in solved with the help of the reseller.


There is no need to going through a long and complicated process. Some domain resellers offer remote assistant to configure DNS. That’s really cool. 

3. Premium features and freebies

There are some domain resellers like Enom reseller, who are quite famous for offering some premium features along with freebies. You may not find those features with a domain registrar. For example, when you buy a domain from them, you can get a free domain hosting account. Some also offer a free business email address and more. 

Want to be a domain name reseller? Go on now; it’s very simple

No matter what kind of business you are running, if you want to earn some extra money, then you can start selling domains as a domain reseller. But to get success, always try to choose the best domain reseller program. Most of the domain seller or registers offers such type of program. You can participate in the program and start selling the domains. Before choosing, prefer to check the popularity and the credential of the company. Besides, check how long it is functioning in this field.

Furthermore, don’t forget to check the reviews about the company given by the other resellers. Collect all the information and come up with an ideal decision. Get into it, and you will definitely earn a lot of money. You can make your own identity online and start a new business.