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Cpanel WHM Reseller

A cPanel WHM reseller is the account owner who sells cPanel accounts to other users. He purchases system resources from a trusted host or web hosting provider, like NuSEC, Amazon, Incapsula, etc., and then divides these resources to their cPanel accounts before selling. With the help of a WHM (Web Host Manager), which is a control panel that allows the owner to manage his other hosting accounts.

  • The WHM reseller should look for a few features in the host company before he buys his resources. He should look for the credibility of the company, by checking other reviews of customers who have bought the resources.
  • While doing his AWS domain registration, he should be well aware of the benefits he is to receive, and check with the competitors’ products, to make an informed decision.
  • The sole purpose of having a cPanel and WHM is making the managing of your server easy for you, and for your customers to manage their website.
Cpanel WHM Reseller

What are the uses of having a cPanel WHM Reseller Account?

  • You can have the liberty to check on your disk space and bandwidth so that the website isn’t suspended abruptly when its disk space is over. Knowing how much disk space you have can help you keep the same monitored, and upgrade it when you’re running low on space.
  • It makes managing a large number of cPanels easier.
  • A WHM account increases your privacy because they won’t be able to know which cPanel accounts are connected.
  • If one of the sites gets hacked, the information on the other sites remains safe, making it safer for you.
  • If you have many sites that need to take credit cards, having a cPanel WHM reseller account will cost you way lesser, if not the same, for managing multiple servers. Having an SSL certificate is a must if you wish to include the use of credit cards on your website. Popular web hosting companies like NuSEC provide a free SSL certificate with their AWSDNS nameservers package, along with many other benefits.
  • You will also have the ability to create a default site for yourself when creating a new account, customize the hosting account to your needs, and the control panel with extensive branding.
  • You will have the complete ability to create, change, update, or even delete or suspend any of your cPanel accounts.
  • With cPanel accounts, you can even migrate other accounts from remote servers, offer a pre-designed dashboard that is similar to your brand, to have free branding for your company.
  • You can blacklist a particular IP address if you are unsure of the safety. You can even blacklist an entire region or a country.
  • With WHM, it is now easy to back up information of your accounts and even restore it.

Why trust the NuSEC hosting company?

NuSEC is known to be the most sought-out company for web hosting and DNS services. For the best cPanel SSD web hosting, Whitelabel name serving, and to fully optimize your website, NuSEC provides the best services, for developers, IT personnel, small to medium business owners, business leaders, and business partners. NuSEC ensures the maximum optimization for your website, with full security for the same. With a faster loading page, your customer conversion will increase, improve your brand name, and gain appreciation. With the services of NuSEC, the upload time is also increased ten-fold. If you have a blog or a website which requires videos or large files to be uploaded, then you’d be familiar with the frustration that comes with it, because of the time it takes to upload. With an SSD cPanel hosting company like NuSEC, it is a breeze, where it shortens the time by less than half the original time it would normally take to upload it.

Having been around for many years has paid off with gaining the client’s trust and repetition. It has top ratings for a US-based web hosting company, perfect for Cpanel WHM reseller clients. It ensures to provide help or service around the clock, at a very reasonable price. Working with popular companies like 1-grid, WordPress, Network Solutions, cPanel, WHMCS among many others, NuSEC is the only stop you need to go for all your web hosting needs. NuSEC provides service by helping AWS nameservers and providing support with the professionals available on their website for queries. You can also opt for AWS default nameservers or premium AWS DNS and can compare the benefits with that of the other competitors, like Incapsula, Cloudflare, Akamai, and Stackpath.