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The reason why people love cheap reseller account

Reseller account in web hosting is nothing but a process of providing host, bandwidth and hard drive to the customers by renting from other companies at low cost. The reseller hosting company buys the product in bulk and divides them into separate slots and delivers them to their customers. Web designing and web hosting play a vital role in the growth of every company. Hence there is a trend of purchasing reseller hosts in the market. Finding a high-quality and cheap reseller account in the market is not an easy task.

Advantages of a cheap reselling account

Reselling a web host allows you to use either a full package or sell it to different users at your own desired rate. In simple terms, they offer you the advantage of low cost to low maintenance.

Cheap Reseller Account

Low cost and expenses

The reseller hosting business is the same as a wholesale shop where you can buy several products at low cost and also, they offer several resources at economical prices. Moreover, there is no need to spend extra money on dedicated servers and resources to handle all the issues in server management since your parent company will take care of it. So, there will not be any extra expenses once you invest in it.

Completely control the resources

The reseller hosting allows you to control the amount of disk space usage and other aspects of the website. In other hands, you will get more space at a low price. So, you can manage the features like bandwidth limits, better control over the disk storage, etc., You and your customers can have their sites always available without compromising on disk space.

No hassle in maintenance

Reseller hosting is a simple one where you don't have to worry about the maintenance. Since there is no need of buying the complete server as your server and so the technical team of the parent company will take care of fixing and resolving if there are any complicated server issues.

Generating income

Reselling an account always generates more revenue. Here you will serve as the middleman between the parent company and your customer, which in turn will make a massive amount of income. Moreover, you can sell it in your brand name and logo due to the white label reseller hosting.

Access to control panel

The parenting hosting company will give you access to the control panel to access everything with ease. You can depend on the cPanel on the parent company you select, and you can decide whether to give that control panel access to your customer or not.

Why nuSec Reseller account?

nuSec reseller is emerging as one of the best reseller hosting companies based on its performance, security, reliability, and recovery for web cloud and SaaS applications. With a nuSec account, you can improve the income of the business without worrying about the innovation, server management, server issues fixing. It is mainly ideal for Web Development Agencies, Web Designers, Digital Marketing Agencies.

nuSec web reseller hosting provides you with various benefits such as integrity security, fast edge performance and access to many more new technologies. Let we see the advantages of this site below,

  • Profit: You can decide your prices and margin and sell it to your customers.
  • Innovation: They work on the innovation from new technologies to server fixing where you can concentrate on the marketing side alone.
  • White label service: You can custom your brand from logo to colour and design. Moreover, you can have your domains for a DNS and CDN service along with the 24 hrs customer service for your customers.

They provide guaranteed 99.9% uptime and fast loading speeds along with built-in security, free reseller hosting, no minimum commitment, no up-front costs to resell nuSec products. They are 100% Advert Free, Unlimited Bandwidth, 10GB Disk Space to all their retailers. It also has an option for monthly, annual and bi-annual billing services.

In all the packages, they include Unlimited Websites, Unlimited Subdomains, 99.9% Uptime Guarantee, White-Label Branding, Unlimited Databases, Unlimited Email Accounts, Unlimited Addon Domains, Free SSL Certificate. They have two main packages, such as Reseller hosting and reseller hosting with security.


With nuSec Reseller Hosting, you can become your own Web Host and manage all your Web Design and web developing clients' websites on one panel with their WHMCS and control panel interface. You can easily manage the allocation between clients & parent companies by completely branding the groups to suit your company's identity.