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Best reseller programs

How to choose the best reseller program and its benefits

Want to start your entrepreneurial journey with a profitable business? How about starting a hosting reseller business? Experts have said that this is the easiest and fastest way to start a business. But remember that to enjoy maximum features and benefits, you need to choose only the best reseller programs. Most of the companies will promise you to offer 99 percent uptime and amazing features.

So, how to choose a perfect reseller hosting company? Don’t worry at all. Here you will find some useful tips on this. So, let's have a look at those tips.

Tips for choosing the best reseller programs

1. Price

It has been observed that while choosing a hosting, most of the people prefer to consider the price instead of understanding the reseller hosting packages’ specifications. Well, don’t always prefer to keep the price as a determining factor in this.

Best Reseller Programs

Carefully compare the packages offered by the hosting providers. Besides, don’t choose a service provider that offers the cheapest packages. If the package doesn’t include all the data, you may not be able to offer your customers the best services. You can check out the GoDaddy reseller program that offers more features.

2. Understanding the technical specifications

Don’t forget to look at the technical specifications offered by the hosting provider. If you want to host multiple sites having videos and media content, you should not go for the cheapest packages. Make sure the hosting that you are getting under the reseller hosting program has a sufficient level of processing power, space, RAM, and more. If there is good technical configuration, you can avoid slow loading issues as well as downtime.

3. Bandwidth allocations

Always check for the bandwidth allocation of the best reseller programs provider. You need to make sure that you don’t have to pay extra for the additional traffic. If there is a limited plan, then you will have to pay more when your client’s site gets a higher number of visitors. So, it will be better for you to go for a package that comes with an unlimited bandwidth option. But choose a reliable hosting provider for this.

4. Availability of the technical support

What about the reputation of the service provider when it comes to offering technical support? Make sure the hosting provider offers 24x7 hours of technical support. Otherwise, you may find it quite challenging to manage your clients’ server issues. Besides, make sure the tech experts are easily accessible through email and toll-free service. Check their response time.

5. Management panel

Most of the customers prefer to have a separate cPanel for their server. So, make sure the hosting service providers have a control panel. Control panel or cPanel is quite crucial for hosting as it lets the users manage a lot of things regarding hosting. For example, domain management, file manager, SSL certificate verification, buying more disk space, and more. You can even develop a customized solution for your own clients.

6. White-label web hosting solutions

You may want to sell the services using your brand name instead of the parent company’s name. For this, you need to choose a program that offers the white-label reseller feature. With this, you will get a tailor-made selling interface, and you can even utilize advanced API to integrate into your website.

7. What about domain resellers?

Why let your clients buy the domain from somewhere else and use your hosting service to host the domain? You can also offer them domain services. All you need to choose a package that provides resellers domain services.

So, follow these tips, and you can choose the best reseller hosting program to start your business. Now, let's see the benefit of reseller hosting plans or programs.

Benefits of best reseller programs

1. Complete assets management

With the best program, you can create your own plans and sell them to your customers. You can split the disk space and bandwidth for different users. For example, under a white label reseller, you can use your own hosting plans.

2. The plans come with specific discounts

Most of the reputed hosting providers, to expand their business, offer reseller hosting plans with great discounts. Besides, sometimes you can get a particular percentage of commission if you have completed a target given by the parent company.

3. Better load and up times

With the best reseller hosting program, you will get hosting that can deliver superfast load time. With this, you can offer your customers a fast website.

So, go on and choose the best reseller programs to start your own business now. But prefer to buy programs that come with white-label features.