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Backup White Label Reseller

With so many websites on the internet, there is a lot of competition going on. At the same time, there is an increasing threat of cyber attacks. There are loads of people who are targeting and hacking websites just for fun or for money or for phishing purposes. Whatever might be the case, it can lead to your website getting down and affect your page rank too. This means with your website hacked, you lose your visitors, customers, and also your online reputation is at a stake. In that case, a backup white label reseller can come to your rescue.

Not only can cyber attack damage your website, but it can also be done accidentally too while you are trying to make some edits. So what needs to be done in that case. If your website is down for any reason, you need not worry, you can restore it back using a backup. A backup is a copy of your website that you can maintain on your server or on a proxy server. This copy is updated by the server manager in a timely manner and you can restore it back in case of emergencies. This ensures that your website is back live in minutes even if any mishap occurs.

Backup White Label Reseller

This clarifies the importance of website backups. Nowadays most businesses do purchase backup space for their websites along with domain and server space. It is quite inevitable as no one wants to lose their business just because their site was unavailable. There are many brands that offer quality backup storage and restore services. If you too want to provide such services to your friends or clients then you can become a backup white label reseller. Let us first look at the reasons why someone would need a backup.

Need for website backup:

There are numerous challenges that online businesses face that make it necessary for them to keep their website always online and they cannot afford even minutes of downtime for their website.

  • Targeted cyber attacks: with complex IT infrastructure available in the market, it is quite easy to launch cyberattacks nowadays. Because of this, your online business needs a strong backup strategy that can protect your website and its data whether on cloud or on-premises. For this, you need to monitor, discover, and control the data movement across the network and still stay compliant.
  • Slow website: Too much data can make your website slow to load. This will have a direct impact on your website rank. This makes it important to have a proper backup of your data so that you can clear website cache regularly to improve speed. There are chances that the equipment or server you are using for your website may fail and then you might have to schedule it back manually.
  • Manual accidents: it is possible that some manual errors might cause your website to get deleted. This can be due to some outdated training or inefficient developer. Sometimes you might try to make some changes on your website and end up spoiling your existing web page.

In all the above-mentioned scenarios a backup can help you out immediately.

Why opt for a separate backup white label reseller for your website?

  • Recover quickly: you can get better utility and server space as compared to standard CDN. This helps you to restore your website quickly. Also, it is better to have your files on multiple servers for better safety. A good backup service ensures that your website would be restored even after the worst attacks or server failures.
  • Automated backups: you can easily customize or schedule backups depending upon your business needs. You can set up backups either daily, monthly, or weekly at specific times.
  • White-label product: backup solutions can be white-labeled to showcase your brand identity to your clients. This can help you become a white label backup reseller easily. On top of it, it does not require much capital investment.
  • Restore in one click: in case of the website failure, get back your business on track within minutes using a backup solution. You can easily restore the back up of selected files and folders with a single click. No need to worry about malware.
  • Better security: these backup servers keep your backups encrypted, which means that you get better protection of files and data. Real-time updation of data is also possible in a backup system.

With the growing importance of backup systems, it is quite profitable to start with a white label backup reseller business. For more information visit